Winner 2016 Global Mobility Immigration and Logistics Awards

I am delighted to have been voted winner of the 2016 Global Mobility Immigration and Logistics Awards. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise publicity around opportunities for the business community to further integrate refugee protection and immigration related issues into the corporate social responsibility landscape. It also underlines much of the hard work I have committed in recent year to helping both individuals and organizations design strategic and calibrated immigration, mobility, and logistics solutions.

I look forward to releasing a full article in association with the awards in due course. For now, let me take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported my work—in particular the sections of the business community that have yielded to my communications and joined the cause.

With thanks to you all I look forward to receiving this award later in the year,


Happy solar new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass my best wishes to all communities who have or will be celebrating  solar new year over this period. May the forthcoming year prove to be blessed and prosperous.




UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement service holding free regional conferences for the voluntary sector

The UK Parliament’s Outreach and Engagement Service will be holding free conferences in Belfast, Leeds, Cardiff, Derby, Exeter, and London from April 11 through July 7.

The half day events provide an opportunity for charities and campaign groups to communicate their messages, putting parliamentarians in touch with the voluntary sector’s grass roots . The free half day events will allow voluntary organizations to participate fully in the work of Parliament.

In particular the events will allow for participation in the work of Select Committees.