Should there be a centralised EU asylum system? Non-binding EU resolution calls for overhaul of the Dublin rules

Drafted by Roberta Metsola (EPP, MT) and Kashetu Kyenge (S&D, IT) an EU resolution acknowledging the failure of the system under intensifying pressure, and calling for a radical overhaul of the so called Dublin rules has been approved: 459 votes for and 206 against with 52 abstentions.

Ms Metsola commented that “There is no quick fix for migration, no magic silver bullet. We do not need more emergency solutions, we need a sustainable approach for the future”; Ms Kyenge added that “Migration should not be combatted, it should be managed”.

The EU reported that of the 106,000 asylum seekers in need of reassignment from Italy and Greece to other EU countries only a minimal number have passed through the process.