2015 FOCAC Summit in Johannesburg

Less than two months after award of the 2015 Confucius Peace Prize to Zimbabwean President and African Union Chair Robert Mugabe, President Xi Jing Ping addressed this year’s FOCAC Summit on African Soil, co-chairing with President Zuma. Staggering development commitments illuminated ongoing trajectory for greater interdependence and cooperation on industrialization, agricultural modernization, poverty alleviation, and the attainment of educational health and social welfare goals — within a framework articulated in terms of mutual respect and peer-peer relations within the global South.

The time of our lives: Migration and slow pain — Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam

It was enlightening attending Dr. Yasmin Gunaratnam’s talk, The time of our lives: Migration and slow pain at Oxford’s Centre on Migration Policy and Society.

Yasmin’s understanding of, and investigation into, neuroscientific dimensions of migrant social suffering  hit the cutting edge side of fascinating — to my mind.

Her extensive ethnographic experience researching amongst migrants underwrote formidable authority when it came to discussing epistemic regimes, social scientific values and methodological practices.

Her invitation to engage with the Case Studies project that can be accessed via the link below truly opened her current research — insight into the fluid experiencing of time and place by migrants at the end of their journeys was particularly thought provoking. I look forward to following the project and encourage clients to connect with the site too.